The Fish Sniffer - Smelt Imitations Top Offerings For Trollers
Smelt Imitations Top Offerings For Trollers

Written By: Cal Kellogg, December 29, 2013
Species: Trout
Location: Lake Almanor,

Fishing pressure is exceptionally light at Lake Almanor, yet the mid winter trout action has been productive.

“I haven’t been on the water at Almanor, but I’ll start fishing it hard in January,” disclosed Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service. “I drove by the lake yesterday and noted that the western basin is totally iced over. The east side is open and launching is available near the dam.”

“If I were hitting the lake right now, I’d work the eastern shoreline and keep my lures in the top 20 feet. Smelt imitations are going to draw the strikes since that’s really the only forage available at this time. I generally do best with either Arctic Fox flies or soft plastics. This time of the year the water temperature is typically in the middle 30’s so you’ll want to slow your presentation a bit,” tipped Roccucci.

Shore anglers working Geritol Cove have been scoring well during the afternoon hours when the near shore water temperature peaks. For rainbows, PowerBait and Pautzke Fire Bait are both working as are Power Eggs and inflated worms. For a shot at a brown, try soaking bits of cure roe or clusters of natural color Pautzke salmon eggs.

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