The Fish Sniffer - Snow Makes Lakes Tough To Access
Snow Makes Lakes Tough To Access

Written By: Garry Erck, December 29, 2013
Species: Trout
Location: Jenkinson Reservoir, Stumpy Meadows Lake, Hell Hole Reservoir, French Meadows Reservoir,

This one is going to be a weather report as access is going to be hit or miss and low elevation snow will make getting to these lakes tough – areas of Placerville saw upwards of six inches of snow and Pollock Pines saw over a foot – so launching and even getting there even on plowed roads should be not taken lightly, be sure to be safe.

Sara at Sly Park Lake Resort reported some mack action and a decent trout activity too.  “Angler Jeff Croden pulled in a couple of mackinaw up to twenty-five inches working the banks at the second dam. Trout action is along the shoreline at the marina and most anglers are tossing either PowerBait or nightcrawlers.”

“Stumpy Meadows is tough to access and the trout in the fall were sporting the fuzzy copepod infection, but cold winter water typically clears that up,” said Tug Keller at Georgetown Ace Hardware. “Anglers getting to the shore in a 4x4 should do ok with PowerBait or nightcrawlers – boat launching is pretty much off the table until we get a lot more rain.”

 “Hell Hole and French Meadows will be very tough to access – lots of snow on the ground,” said John Wadden at Will Fish Bait and Tackle. “The roads are covered in snow – your best bet is to write these lakes off until spring.”

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