The Fish Sniffer - Spooning Best For Spotted Bass
Spooning Best For Spotted Bass

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 23, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Shasta Lake,

Recent rainfall on Lake Shasta has kept fishermen off the water, but expect fishing to improve with the better water conditions to follow.

Ryan Gwiazdon of Sacramento recently fished Shasta for bass and worked the lake hard for around ten fish throughout the day.

"None of the bass were over 13 inches, but they were a blast to catch,” stated Gwiazdon. "My best luck came working the points using a 2/5 oz spoon and working it very slow. I did talk to a trout fisherman who showed me a nice stringer of 5 rainbows around 16 inches. He stated he was trolling and top lining silver Kastmasters and Shad pattern Cripplures.”

Other fishermen visiting the lake are finding similar results. The key is to work the surface with any lure in a shad pattern. The trout have become spread out, so trolling is your best bet by covering as much water as possible throughout the day.

The best bass action has been taking place on cloudy days, since the bass tend to move shallower when the light level is low. When the sky is clear and the sun is high, the bass move to deeper water and are going to be more difficult to hook.

Both Senkos and finesse worms rigged on darter heads are taking fish. For a chance at some of those larger bass, try working steep shorelines with 4 to 6 inch soft plastic swimbaits. A few very large bass are always taken during these months so don't be afraid to throw big baits for bigger fish.

At press time the lake was holding 36 percent of capacity and 936.14 feet above sea level. 


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