The Fish Sniffer - Spotted Bass Are Small But Abundant
Spotted Bass Are Small But Abundant

Written By: Dan Bacher, August 4, 2014
Species: Bass Landlocked Salmon
Location: Lake Oroville,

(Oroville) Spotted bass are showing in big numbers for anglers fishing the dropping waters of Lake Oroville, but most are fish in the 13 to 14 inch class and smaller.

“Your best bet is to fish top water lures such as Ricos and Zara Spooks early and late in the day,” revealed Fil Torres at Oroville Outdoors. “Then during the heat of the day, start dragging Hula Grubs or throwing Gitzits in water as deep as 40 to 45 feet. If you find dirty water, you might find a decent reaction bite while throwing spinners baits or crawdad crankbaits.” 

He noted that the biggest fish in the latest Tuesday night “turkey shoot” was 18 inches long.

“There is a pretty good channel catfish bite in the South and Middle Forks and the Bidwell Canyon area,” he added. “Anglers are tossing out cut sardines and mackerel in about 20 feet of water for cats up to 8 pounds. Bass fishermen are picking up a few cats now and then.”

The salmon scene is very quiet. Trollers in search of king salmon to 18 inches should troll with hoochies and other lures, tipped with anchovy strips, at 60 to 80 feet deep. The top areas are the Green Bridge and dam.

Lake Oroville is holding 1,322,710 acre-feet of water, 37 percent of capacity and 49 percent of average. The water level is 708.76 feet above sea level, 191.24 feet from maximum pool.


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