The Fish Sniffer - Spotted Bass Offer Winter Excitement
Spotted Bass Offer Winter Excitement

Written By: Danny Lloyd, January 6, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Shasta Lake,

Bass fishing at Lake Shasta is currently good and expected to get even better due to the recent nicer weather. Trout fishing is rated as fair, but also expected to improve soon!

The spotted bass are schooling now and can be found anywhere from the bank all the way to 50 feet deep. Senkos and worms rigged on darter heads have been working the best, but don't hesitate to try spoons, rip baits, and swimbaits as well.

Most bass have been running 12 to 14 inches. If you want a shot at a larger fish, swimbaits are going to be your best bet. Patience is the key with swimbaits as you might only get a few hits per day. If you do get a hit on a swimbait, chances are that fish will be a dandy.

Trout trollers willing to invest some time into finding the fish are being rewarded with hookups. Your best chance for success is increasing your speed to 3 miles per hour anywhere from the surface to 40 feet. With the cold weather, baitfish will start to move up. Always try a variety of baits until you find success.

Top trout lures for trollers at this time include, Speedy Shiners, Hum Dingers, Apex Lures, and Rapalas.

Lake Shasta is currently only 37 percent of capacity and 59 percent of the 10 year average.

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