The Fish Sniffer - Spring Bassin’ Produces Large Numbers
Spring Bassin’ Produces Large Numbers

Written By: Danny Lloyd, June 14, 2014
Species: Bass Trout Catfish
Location: Rollins Reservoir, Scotts Flat Reservoir,

Fishing on Rollins Reservoir has heated up with the warmer temperatures and big fish days are easy for bass and trout fishermen.

“I fished Rollins out of my kayak twice this week, one day for trout and the next for bass,” related Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista. “The best trout  was a J-7 Rapala in a blue/white pattern trolled 200 feet behind my ‘yak. Another top lure was my bikini pattern Needlefish behind a Sep’s Sidekick Dodger in a watermelon pattern.”

“I caught 8 trout to 17 inches. Most fish were 12-14 inch fish, but the big one was a very pretty holdover rainbow,” reported Pleece.

“Bass fishing was amazing last week. I caught 22 bass with a few nice smallies in the mix. Almost every fish was 12-13 inches, but they were a ton of fun and a great opportunity to put a kid on a lot of fish in a afternoon,” reported Pleece. “I worked a 5 inch Senko wacky-rigged off the points and anywhere I saw cover for the fish.”

At Scotts Flat Reservoir, bank anglers slinging dough, salmon eggs and worms are hooking 2 to 4 rainbows per trip, while trollers working Needlefish, Sep’s Grubs and small Rapalas experience a similar level of success.  

Catfish and bass are both available at Scotts Flat now. Catfish are being hooked in the late afternoon and evening hours by anglers soaking anchovies, worms and liver.

For bass, work water ranging from 5 to 15 deep. Some of the lake’s bass have spawned but others are still on beds. Rip baits work early and late. When the sun is high, Senkos and other soft plastics are the way to go.



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