The Fish Sniffer - Springers Flow Into Umpqua
Springers Flow Into Umpqua

Written By: Cal Kellogg, April 26, 2014
Species: River Salmon Steelhead
Location: Umpqua River,

Spring-run Chinook salmon have started to arrive in the Umpqua. Most anglers will start fishing in the Scottsburg area and move upstream as the season progresses. A nice 40-pound springer was recently caught in the Elkton area. The mainstem Umpqua is closed to trout fishing until the spring trout opener May 24.

The South Umpqua is open for winter steelhead fishing through April 30. The South Umpqua is then closed to all fishing until May 24. Most hatchery steelhead return to the South Umpqua, so anglers interested in harvesting a hatchery fish will be most successful in the South.

The rain has improved conditions on the South. Both bank and boat anglers have been doing well and a good number of hatchery fish have been caught recently, especially between Canyonville and Lawson Bar.

The ODFW reports that the first springer passed Winchester Dam on March 16.

Want To Fish the Umpqua? Give the folks at Wolfe Pack Guide Service a call at (541) 445-2254 or contact Northwest Sportfishing at (541) 863-1221.



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