The Fish Sniffer - Steelhead Action Holds Steady
Steelhead Action Holds Steady

Written By: Dan Bacher, December 19, 2013
Species: Steelhead Trout
Location: Klamath River,

The steelhead fishing on the upper Klamath River has been “pretty good,” reported Al Kutzkey of Al Kutzkey’s Guide Service.

“I have been fishing just below Iron Gate Dam and getting 5 to 10 nice steelhead each trip along with some trout,” he said. “I have been catching most the fish on plugs but bait has been working well also. The weather has been pretty cold in the mornings but gets warmer in the afternoons.”

The Iron Gate Fish Hatchery staff has trapped a total of 38 steelhead to date, according to Keith Pomeroy, hatchery manager. The water temperature was 46 degrees and the air temperature was only 5 degrees at press time.

Flows in the Klamath below Iron Gate are 954 cfs. and are 4,130 cfs. at Klamath.


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