The Fish Sniffer - Steelhead Continue To Move Into System
Steelhead Continue To Move Into System

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 7, 2014
Species: Steelhead Stripers
Location: Feather River- Lower,

Big numbers of steelhead continue to return to the Feather River Fish Hatchery, including some fish in the 6 to 8 pound range.

“This has been an excellent, really amazing run,” reported Anna Kastener, hatchery manager. “We’ve trapped a total of 1420 fish to date, including 1,387 adults and 35 half pounders. By comparison, last year saw total of 1731 adults and 66 half pounders at the end of the season on February 13.”

The hatchery has taken 1,000,000 eggs to date, so it should have no problem reaching its annual steelhead production goal.

“Anglers are catching some steelhead while drifting nightcrawlers in the low flow,” said Brent Cline at Oroville Outdoors. “Most of the fish go 3 to 4 pounds, but one local reported nailing a 6 pounder.”

A few stripers are showing in the lower Feather below Star Bend. “One fisherman reported catching two fish weighing 30 and 20 pounds on a Bomber lure,” said Bob Boucke of Johnson’s Bait and Tackle in Yuba City. “Another angler weighed in a 43 lb. striper.”

“I highly recommend that anglers catch and release the larger fish rather than keep them because the striper numbers are down and we need the big females to spawn,” noted Boucke.

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