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Steelhead Enter The System

Written By: Cal Kellogg, December 5, 2013
Species: Steelhead
Location: Rogue River,

According to reports from the ODFW, now that chinook are spawning on the lower Rogue River, anglers are finding half-pounders feeding on any eggs floating downstream from redds. Steelhead fishing is picking up on the middle and upper Rogue.

Overall the lower Rogue is slow. Most anglers are fishing the estuary around the mouth of Indian Creek for chinook returning to the hatchery. This time of year can be really good for half-pounders and late summer steelhead with the low flows the Rogue is experiencing.  Anglers are focusing on areas with chinook spawning as half-pounders are feeding on any eggs that float downstream. 

Steelhead fishing has been good on the middle Rogue. Anglers are having success casting flies, drifting nightcrawlers, or casting spinners like a Panther Martin with a black body and gold blade.

Anglers are reminded that all non-adipose fin-clipped steelhead must be released unharmed, and to avoid disturbing spawning chinook salmon while fishing. Anglers should be careful when releasing fish, doing so quickly while keeping the fish in the water.

On the upper river steelhead fishing has improved with a change in weather. The best time to fish this time of year is midday.  Anglers have been picking up fish on bait (where allowed), lures and flies.

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I have caught one half-pounder the past month. I caught it on the American River. Since I've only been out fishing for steelhead three times last month, I consider it a good percentage. Each

By: necfishing on Dec 07, 2013

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