The Fish Sniffer - Steelhead Season Enters Final Stretch
Steelhead Season Enters Final Stretch

Written By: Dan Bacher, March 23, 2014
Species: Steelhead Trout
Location: Trinity River, Trinity Lake,

The steelhead season has entered its final stretch on the Trinity River and few anglers have been out trying lately.

“With the last two storms, the steelhead have scattered throughout the system from the mouth to Lewiston,” said Tim Brady of Trinity Outdoors. “Before the rains most of the fish were holding down below Junciton City.”

The late-run steelhead range from 3 to 10 pounds. Anglers are doing best while fly fishing with golden stonefly and psycho prince patterns, though jigs under floats, roe, nightcrawlers, spoons and spinners should produce fish also.

The Trinity River Fish Hatchery has to date trapped 2,297 adult steelhead, including 2,224 adipose-clipped fish. That compares to 5,737 adult steelhead, including 5678 adipose-clipped fish, last season.

Lewiston Lake remains the top local trout prospect. Bank anglers and boaters can expect to hook a mixture of planters and holdovers while tossing out nightcrawlers, Pautzke salmon eggs, Power Bait, Power Eggs, spinners and spoons.

If you want to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass, Trinity Lake is your best bet. “Three guys who hit the lake just right between the storms reporting hooking around 70 fish while using swimbaits and other lures,” said Brady.

Trinity Lake is holding 1,216,671 acre-feet of water, 50 percent of capacity, and 66 percent of the ten-year average. The outflow from Lewiston Dam to the Trinity River is 332 cfs.


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