The Fish Sniffer - Storms Delay Trout And Bass Fishermen
Storms Delay Trout And Bass Fishermen

Written By: Danny Lloyd, April 20, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Shasta Lake, Whiskeytown Reservoir,

Trout action at Lake Shasta picked up this last week for a few days and anglers from Rocklin were rewarded with 3 limits of nice rainbows.

"Although fishing hasn't been great everyday, we did something right last Saturday and managed 15 nice rainbows to 18 inches," stated James Allyn of Elk Grove. "We actually caught almost every fish off the same rod and lure, even though we switched all six rods to the same setup, one particular rod caught most the fish! A 1/4 oz Kastmaster in the silver/blue pattern was the key to success for us.”

Anglers are sticking with typical baitfish imitation lures like Cripplures, Hum Dingers, Apexes, Rapalas, Needlefish, Hoochies, and Wiggle Hoochies, but they are using very bright colors. Firetiger and Orange patterns are producing the best results in recent days.

Shasta's trout remains scattered throughout the lake. Anglers are hooking rainbows in the slot between slaughterhouse island and toupee island. The water is somewhat stained and the lake has been experiencing high winds making the fishing tougher. The fish have been from 14 to 16 inches and limits are possible for fishermen that work for em.

Prespawn and even spawning bass action is soon to be underway for Shasta's spotted bass. You can find fish around main lake points and flats. Some fish are holding up tight to the bank, but there are still plenty of fish holding 15 to 30 feet deep. 4 and 6 inch Mother's Finest Worms in natural colors are working well as are 4 in Senkos. Trophy hunters are tossing swimbaits in the 4 to 6 inch size range.

As of press time the lake level elevation is 971.12 feet and just 95.88 feet below full pool. The lake is holding over 2,246,834

Trout fishing at Whiskeytown continues to be ok and anglers should work the top 40 feet of water trolling spinners and bugs. Those willing to work for some fish will be rewarded with some nice fat fish from 12 to 13 inches long.


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