The Fish Sniffer - Storms Slow Trout And Bass Bite
Storms Slow Trout And Bass Bite

Written By: Danny Lloyd, December 23, 2013
Species: Trout Bass
Location: Shasta Lake,

The water level at Shasta continues to be around 37 percent capacity, about 60 percent of average.

Trout anglers are trolling the main body with standard shad imitating offerings such as Hum Dingers, Excel Spoons and Cripplures and are picking up rainbows in the top 20 feet. The trout are somewhat scattered, but still continue to feed on shad.

Another method that is producing trout is targeting areas where water is flowing into the lake with lures or bait. Bait in the form of worms, crickets, and live minnows offers the best chance for success when teamed up with a slip bobber rig.

Bass anglers now have to look in the 20 to 30 feet of water for their fish. The bass are holding on main lake structure. Mother's Finest Worms rigged on darter heads and spider grubs on darter heads are the best options. Work the bottom and work methodically for the best results.

Big numbers of bass are still possible. You've just got to slow down and probe the bottom. If you find a bait ball, don't hesitate to give spooning a try. There have been few reports from spooners, but that is traditionally a great tactic at Shasta this time of year.

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