The Fish Sniffer - Striper Trolling Continues To Yield Limits Of Bass To 12 Pounds
Striper Trolling Continues To Yield Limits Of Bass To 12 Pounds

Written By: Cal Kellogg, May 14, 2014
Species: Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

There are big numbers of stripers scattered throughout the West Delta at this time. Some of the bass have spawned and are headed to the bay, while others will spawn soon. In addition to stripers, there are also big numbers of sturgeon in both the lower Delta and Suisun Bay.

“The striper bite had been really good up until the point that stormy weather moved through the area. The storms slowed things down, but the bite is rebounding quickly,” disclosed Captain David Hammond of Delta Pro Fishing.

“The stripers are stacked up in all the usual places. For the best success it pays to do some scouting to find fish where there is minimal boat traffic. I’m getting fish while pulling both shallow and deep running Yo-Zuri minnow plugs.”

“There are a bunch of sturgeon in the system right now, but with all the other fishing options available around the state very few anglers are targeting sturgeon,” Hammond continued.

Captain Brad Bugica of SalmonStriper.Com has also been enjoying very good results while chasing Delta stripers.

“I’ve been fishing the San Joaquin River quite a bit recently and we’ve been doing well,” said Bugica. “There are big numbers of bass in the San Joaquin and less fishing pressure then you find on the Sacramento River side. Our biggest fish recently went about 12 pounds.”


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