The Fish Sniffer - Striperbowl Sunday 2014
Striperbowl Sunday 2014

Written By: Tom Amberson, February 3, 2014
Species: Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Delta,

Striperbowl Sunday 2014
Striperbowl Sunday 2014

The post season had been tough.

The "team" struggled through several games in January. The playing field has been optimal, but scoring proved to be a real challenge. Nonetheless, it was tenacity and the will to carry on that carried us to the "big game."

We fielded our team early. Weather had put a damper on things - cold, wet and dreary. No matter in that the team had been prepared for the day. With the coin toss in our favor, we were on the offense.

The first few plays did not produce any scores. "Out of bounds," personal fouls and a few botched plays were not the cause. It was more that our opponents were well prepared, and proved to be more than formidable in the opening minutes of the game.

On our 3rd possession, we scored. A hail mary TW cast near end zone was executed perfectly. A few jives and head-fakes later, and we scored - 13+ points (LBS) on the board.

The player in question was hit hard. After a quick examination by on-board medical staff, it was determined that although suffering from a bit of a "cross-eyed" syndrome ( a common condition that occurs during hook set) the player was released to fight on:

The rest of the game was a lesson in futility. Both teams had fielded their best players. The defense held, but with our early score, we claimed victory.

Temps: Water/49 Air/45
Clairity: Good as it gets.
Tide: The A.M ebb.
Baits: 5" Delta Wood Bomber, LMB flavored.

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WHAT A GAME!!!! Your play by play makes me feel like I was in the game. Awsome report :-)

By: nutnbutbass on Feb 04, 2014

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