The Fish Sniffer - Stripers And Halibut Grab Baits In S.F. Bay
Stripers And Halibut Grab Baits In S.F. Bay

Written By: Cal Kellogg, April 29, 2014
Species: Halibut Saltwater Stripers
Location: San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate, San Pablo Bay,

Anglers are trolling and drifting a combination of live and dead bait for striped bass and halibut. Based on the numbers of fish being caught at this time, it looks as if 2014 will feature stellar potluck action for anglers plying bay waters.

Captain James Smith of the California Dawn has been enjoying outstanding halibut and striper action.

“Last Friday we trolled for halibut and drifted live bait for bass,” related Smith. “When all was said and done we boated 22 limits of stripers and added 15 halibut to 15 pounds. I’ve been drifting with live shiners. I think things are going to get really exciting once we have access to live anchovies.”

In Emeryville, the Tiger Fish and New Huck Finn teamed up for 20 halibut to 18 pounds and 5 stripers to 8 pounds for 25 anglers while trolling the central bay.

On the salmon fishing front, wind kept the East Bay fleet off the water this weekend but prior to that the New Easy Rider and other boats were finding success on salmon to 22 pounds while running north of the Golden Gate.

According to Ray Nilford at the Berkeley Sportfishing Shop, fishing off the Berkeley Pier is improving. A few stripers to 20 pounds and some halibut have been caught by pier anglers soaking live shiners.


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