The Fish Sniffer - Stripers Plentiful, Sturgeon Common Too
Stripers Plentiful, Sturgeon Common Too

Written By: Cal Kellogg, December 5, 2013
Species: Stripers Sturgeon
Location: San Joaquin Delta, Sacramento River- Delta,

Sturgeon and striper fishing is very good throughout the western region of the California Delta. Things have slowed just a bit now that the water temperature is 54 degrees, but with the current weather pattern things should remain very productive well into December.

“There are sturgeon to be caught, but I’ve been focusing on striper fishing and we are having a blast,” exclaimed Captain Jay Lopes of Right Hook Sportfishing. “I’m targeting the bass with live shiners and spoons. In the lower San Joaquin I’ve found some heavy concentrations of fish and we are hooking from 30 to 60 bass per day. Most of the fish run from keeper size to 7 pounds, but we see the occasional 9 or 10 pounder. The big fish haven’t shown for us yet, but it’s just a matter of time.”

“We’ve had quite a run of sturgeon fishing,” said an excited David Hammond of Delta Pro Fishing. “Over the past 7 trips we’ve gotten 9 keepers, a couple oversize fish and some shakers too. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we haven’t got a keeper in the last couple days. The temperature has dropped a bit and it’s caused a temporary slow down, but I expect the action to get right back on track.”

“I’m fishing in the Pittsburg area and quality roe is the critical bait to have,” added Hammond.

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