The Fish Sniffer - Sturgeon And Stripers Hitting On San Pablo And Suisun Bays
Sturgeon And Stripers Hitting On San Pablo And Suisun Bays

Written By: Dan Bacher, April 1, 2014
Species: Saltwater Stripers Saltwater Sturgeon
Location: San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay,

The sturgeon and striped bass continue to bite on San Pablo Bay, with the latest trip aboard the Morning Star producing one keeper sturgeon and four bass for nine anglers

The highlight of the day was when Hank Blauw hooked up with a sturgeon off Sonoma Creek.

“It jumped two or three times before heading north and nearly spooling Hank in the process,” said Gordon Hough, captain of the Morning Star. “After a lengthy battle, the sturgeon was in view, and nearly in reach of the Deck Dog’s gigantic sturgeon net when it unexpectedly turned this time south and again nearly took Hank’s line to the end. Hank and his catch were both exhausted before we finally muscled his 58 inch (measured to the fork) fish in the boat.”

“Hank’s friend Manny was the next to hook up, and once again this fish took of like parents fleeing a Miley Cyrus concert. Unfortunately for Manny, this sturgeon spit out Manny’s barbless hook and was last seen headed for Maui,” said Hough.

The anglers caught the four bass and several shaker sturgeon while fishing shrimp baits 1-1/2 miles east of the Pumphouse and at the edge of the sand bar near buoy 11.

“The sturgeon fishing is very good,” said Steve Mitchell at Hook’d Up Sportfishing in Martinez. “In fact, it’s better now than it was a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been getting them every day in Suisun Bay.”

“We’re averaging 2 to 3 keepers per day, along with 3 or 4 oversized fish,” Mitchell explained. “The fish are hitting salmon roe and mud shrimp.”


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