The Fish Sniffer - Sturgeon Bite, Intense Striper Fishing To Come
Sturgeon Bite, Intense Striper Fishing To Come

Written By: Cal Kellogg, February 11, 2014
Species: Stripers Sturgeon
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

Huge numbers of sturgeon are concentrated in the upper reaches of Suisun Bay. At this point the bite is fair, but based on the sheer number of fish, epic action should be on tap when the sturgeon decide to feed.

Captain David Hammond of Delta Pro Fishing has been working deep water areas in the Pittsburg area with mixed results. At this point jumbo shakers are outpacing keepers.

“The sturgeon action is a day to day deal. We are fishing over huge numbers of sturgeon. When they decide to feed, we are hooking fish. I’m really excited by prospects for an early striper season. We haven’t had any weather, so as a result the water is nearly into the 50’s. It won’t be long before we start trolling and I suspect that there will be plenty of bass in the lower Delta,” said Hammond.

Captain Jay Lopes of Right Hook Sportfishing has also been targeting sturgeon in Suisun Bay. Lopes has been working shallow water areas. His most productive day recently produced 3 keepers.

As of press time Jay’s boat was birth in the Martinez Marina, giving him easy access to San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay and the west Delta.

The top bait for hooking sturgeon has been salmon roe, but pile worms, shrimp and eel are working too.

For stripers bait anglers are relying on shad, sardines and mudsuckers.

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