The Fish Sniffer - Sturgeon Move Upriver Above Colusa
Sturgeon Move Upriver Above Colusa

Written By: Dan Bacher, April 1, 2014
Species: Sturgeon Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

After the Sacramento River rose after the last storm, a large concentration of sturgeon moved upriver to Colusa and above.

“Allen Benbow and his wife Nicky ended up with one keeper sturgeon on a trip aboard Ward’s Landing,” said Rob Reimers of Rustic Rob’s Guide Service. “We had another fish on briefly.”

They fished from 2 pm to 9:30 pm. and hooked the big diamondback on a ghost shrimp/nightcrawler combination at 5:30 pm.

“The sturgeon have moved upriver,” confirmed Bob Boucke of Johnson’s Bait and Tackle. “On my last trip at Colusa, we didn’t hook anything in 3 hours of fishing.”

Striped bass are starting to show at Tisdale, the Red Sea and Colusa, but the fish are scattered. Anglers are using anchovies, sardines and pileworms to entice the stripers. Boucke report ed most boats are averaging from 2 to 6 fish per trip. Most fish are males in the 5 to 10 lb. range, along with a few bigger stripers.

“Sturgeon fishing in the section of river from Verona to above Knights Landing has been some of the best in recent years,” said Tim Boggs at Elkhorn Outdoor Sports in Rio Linda. “One local, Tony, reported catching 9 sturgeon this season, including 6 oversized and three keepers. One of the better spots for boaters and bank anglers is the Second Beach area.”


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