The Fish Sniffer - Swimbait Tossers Bag Stripers
Swimbait Tossers Bag Stripers

Written By: Roland Aspiras, January 1, 2014
Species: Stripers Sturgeon
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

Sunny afternoons and the return of mild temperatures have sparked the interest of anglers, with sturgeon and striped bass providing action in the Rio Vista area.

Anglers plugging for the striped bass continue to land good numbers of tossing swimbaits in the Liberty Island area according to Alan Fong, manager at Fisherman's Warehouse in Sacramento. "Some guys out there are throwing topwater, but swimbaits are working best," he related.

Bait fisherman were experiencing fair fishing, according to Kang Gervinder at Rio Vista Bait and Tackle, with quality, not quantity prevailing. "Mudsuckers and shad are good baits right now," he tipped.

"Sturgeon anglers are experiencing pretty good action around the bridge, powerlines, Sherman Island and the Mothball Fleet," Gervinder added. Ghost shrimp, roe and lamprey eel were his recommendations for bait.


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