The Fish Sniffer - Take Your Pick Of Shad Or Stripers
Take Your Pick Of Shad Or Stripers

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 17, 2014
Species: Stripers Shad
Location: Sacramento River- Middle, American River - Lower, Feather River- Lower,

Metro anglers fishing from boat and shore can find success while either targeting shad or stripers as the fish make their annual migration through downtown Sacramento.

“The shad are showing all over the Sacramento River from Verona to Freeport,” disclosed Mel Gillette at Elkhorn Outdoor Sports. “I’m selling hundreds of shark darts in just about every color for anglers hitting the local waters. Anglers are doing best tossing out the shad lures on barrel sinker rigs.”

Good spots to target shad include the Interstate Five Bridge, Discovery Park, Bryte Beach, Miller Park, Garcia Bend and below the Freeport Bridge.

Dennis Pfanner at Sacramento Pro Tackle described the striped bass fishing in the downtown area as “hit and miss.”

“Some anglers are limiting out, while other others are reporting a hard time getting fish,” he said. “We’re seeing a mixture of fresh and spawned out fish, mostly males, moving through. Bloodworms, pileworms and fresh sardines are the top baits.”

There are some largest fish showing amidst the abundant “schoolies” ranging from 18 to 26 inches. For example, Joe Sanchez landed a 15 lb. striper while soaking a sardine on a late April trip to the Sacramento, reported James Hill of Broadway Bait, Rod & Gun. “Anglers have reported a big pod of stripers in the Garcia Bend area,” he added.




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