The Fish Sniffer - Target Rollins Trout With Worms And Dough Baits
Target Rollins Trout With Worms And Dough Baits

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 27, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Rollins Reservoir, Scotts Flat Reservoir,

Fishing at Rollins Lake continues to be ok. On a recent trip there, I managed a few nice rainbows. Your best bet is to soak PowerBait or an inflated nightcrawler and don't be afraid to move locations.

Bait fishermen had a decent go this past week at Rollins. Myself and fishing friend Brendan Bullard of Newcastle made a trip up to Rollins this week despite the rain and managed a few trout. We both fished two poles one with power bait the other with a nightcrawler off the bottom.

"All of the fish came on the worm combo, which surprised me since power bait has been my go to at this lake in recent trips," stated Bullard.

Leader lengths were all the same; it just came down to the fish wanted the worm over dough baits. We managed to catch 4 fish, including 3 planters around 13 inches and definite holdover close to 16 inches.

Trollers fishing the lake should to use a nightcrawler behind a Sep's sidekick dodger in a watermelon color or small hoochies behind a dodger, these have proven very successful on the lake over recent months.

Reports from Scotts Flat have been minimal but expect this rain to get those tributaries flowing into the lake and fresh bait to be present for those fish. Rain this past weekend was well-needed and expect fishing to improve after a little break from the weather.


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