The Fish Sniffer - Target Wind-Blown Banks With Reaction Baits For Bass
Target Wind-Blown Banks With Reaction Baits For Bass

Written By: Roland Aspiras, June 23, 2014
Species: Bass Panfish
Location: Coyote Lake, Calero Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir, Chesbro Reservoir,

Good largemouth bass fishing continues to delight in the Silicon Valley with a variety of techniques working for anglers.

Reaction lures including crankbaits, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits were highly recommended at the lakes this week, according to Andrew Yeh at Coyote Bait and Tackle. The wind-blown banks are holding the bass.

"In the mornings you can throw topwater or any bait that has a gliding action," he tipped. "At Coyote, you can get them on jigs too, along with drop shot rigs."

"At Calero, it’s the same, but really try throwing spinnerbaits along the windy banks,” he revealed.

"At Anderson you can't go wrong with a tube in green pumpkin. We've been using 2.8inch Kaitech swimbaits on darter heads rigged on light line,” he stated.

Crappie action slowed, with Yeh relating to the best action at Chesbro. "With lake being so low, they're biting pretty much anywhere. But definitely try around the dam," he said.

Yeh added, “Catfish has been slow, but if you're going to go, check out Chesbro or Uvas."



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