The Fish Sniffer - The Lake Gets Clear Again
The Lake Gets Clear Again

Written By: Dan Bacher, April 15, 2014
Species: Bass Catfish
Location: Clear Lake,

Clear Lake is living up to its name – "it's gone clear again," according to Larry Hemphill, fishing guide.

“Mike Sperbeck and I decided to do a Monday evening trip – not knowing a tournament had been held Saturday and Sunday,” said Hemphill. “Mike and I couldn't figure out why during the few hours before dark we could only catch 4 bass - the biggest at barely ONE pound!! What is going on?”

As the sun set on a gorgeous evening, Hemphill finally stuck a good one at 5-1/2 lbs, his first good Senko bass of the year. The fishing continued to be fair thru the first 2 hrs after dark and then simply died.

“Mike and I managed three around 4-1/2 lbs and I did get big fish at 6.87 lbs, on a jig,” said Hemphill. “We both lost a really big bass. We could have had a really good limit had we landed one of those, but we were pleased with best 5 around 25-1/2 lbs. We had around 13-14 bass total - NOT counting the dinks"

The quality bass were all 10 to 20 feet - a little deeper than previous trips. They were using Senkos, beavers, Havoc baits, and jigs.

“We covered most of the west side of the Clearlake arm which I am sure had been previously covered well by the tournament anglers! At least they saved us a few,” he said.

The water temperature was 60-64 degrees and the water clarity was 4 to 6 feet.


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