The Fish Sniffer - The Lake Is Full Of Fish, Families And Friends
The Lake Is Full Of Fish, Families And Friends

Written By: Dan Bacher, July 19, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Collins Lake,

Kathy Hess of Collins Lake Resort reported, “Bless our great nation, for Independence Day brings great joy. It also reminds us of how appreciative we are for our freedom to celebrate, to congregate, and of course to FISH!”

“Collins Lake is full of fish, families, and friends right now, who are ready to create new memories! 

Pete Henderson and Bob, Josh and Mikey did just that, creating a memory that included a limit of trout they caught while trolling with flashers and worms around 60′ down.

“Jimmy Dixon brought in a limit of trout but didn’t mention how he caught them,” reported Hess. “William and Luise Garcia from Yuba City fished worms by the dam using and hooked a 2 lb. 8 oz. bass and a redear.”

Mae Travis from Sacramento started her day out catching 2 trout and ended her day with a crappie, all caught on worms off the dock.      

Johnny Kimble and his two little sidekicks from Daly City caught a 3 lb. 4 oz. rainbow on orange PowerBait by the rental boat dock. Rick Perry from Live Oak caught three hefty trout from the shoreline by the dam using green PowerBait.

“It was a very hot week and tough on the fishing,” added Hess. “The fish didn’t go anywhere; they were swimming around in the cool water down deep, the fishermen on the other hand had it pretty tough finding shade, making shade, or staying out of the heat. Fishing in the wee hours of the morning, or after dinner as it cools down will be your best bet.”

 The lake level is 27 from full and the surface water temperature is 78 degrees and the water clarity is  8' visibility.

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