The Fish Sniffer - Transition Time From Stripers To Panfish And Black Bass
Transition Time From Stripers To Panfish And Black Bass

Written By: David Hurley, June 10, 2014
Species: Bass Panfish Stripers Catfish
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

Hot weather alternates between periods of high winds, and the summer time pattern is in full swing as the Delta transitions from striper fishing to warm water species and recreational boating.  

 Jim Pickens of the Fishermen’s Friend said there are fewer stripers on the San Joaquin and Mokelumne Rivers, but the linesides are generally larger in size. Spawned out stripers to 16 pounds have been taken on frozen shad with a few fish on top water lures in the early morning or evenings.

Catfish and bluegill are starting to take over the top spots with panfish action off of Bethel Island with wax worms or jumbo red worms while the whiskerfish are biting frozen clams, mackerel, or sardines.  .

 For largemouth bass, Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, continued to find a great reaction bite in the wind with the ima Squarebill crankbait. There is some top water action in the mornings, but the best top water is in the early evenings as Pringle explained, “The temperatures are making a 30 degree swing during the day, and it takes most of the day for the bass to get active towards top water lures.

Steve Santucci of Steve Santucci’s Fly Fishing Guide Service reported great action for largemouth bass on top water lures such as Poppers with both small and large flies also producing. 

 Brandon Gallegos of H and R Bait in Stockton reported excellent striper fishing ‘all over’ with linesides to 12-pounds reported with the larger fish taken on live blue gill in locations in the south Delta. Grant Line Canal, Tiki Lagun off of Inland Drive, and the Old River Bridge at Highway 4 have been some of the best spots.  


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