The Fish Sniffer - Trollers, Bank Anglers And Fly Fishermen Nail Trout
Trollers, Bank Anglers And Fly Fishermen Nail Trout

Written By: Dan Bacher, June 14, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Davis Lake, Frenchman Lake,

Fishing for quality rainbow trout is going strong at both Davis and Frenchman lakes.

A trip by Paul Kneeland, Fish Sniffer Publisher, and John Brassfield, owner of Trucksmart, produced super rainbow fishing at Lake Davis. “We caught 15 fish ranging from 14 to 20 inches and averaging 18 inches apiece,” said Kneeland.

“We trolled from the surface to 8 feet deep with Excel spoons, mostly north of the island,” said Kneeland. “We started at first light and got off the water by 10 am.

“Frenchman Lake is also kicking out lots of rainbows. “The trout fishing has been good whether you are fishing from the bank or from a boat,” reported Richard Wiggin at Wiggin’s Trading Post.

Steve Grovell and Jerry DiRegolo from Sacramento caught 2 nice rainbows, an 18" and a 16", at Frenchman boat launch from the bank. They were using black AP nymphs and black wooly buggers, size 12.

Mikey from Spanish Springs caught 5 rainbows at the dam using worms jigging off the bottom – and then came back on his next trip and caught 5 more!

Dick Young caught a couple of rainbows using red head Dick Nite’s and brown Hackle Peacock flies, size 12. He was using lead core line 2 to 3 colors out in 20 to 25 ft of water just past Turkey Point.


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