The Fish Sniffer - Trollers Battle Husky Rainbows
Trollers Battle Husky Rainbows

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 27, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Davis Lake,

If you want to hook quality rainbow trout, head to Lake Davis.

“Every year myself and a few other guides take a large group out for a couple days on Davis Lake,” said Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service. “This year Camp 5 was the only ramp open and man was it packed!”

“We started trolling right outside the Camp Five ramp pulling the traditional tackle we normally run on Davis, copper/red Wee Dick Nights, Needlefish, copper/red Sep's Secrets and flies.”

“The bite had been very good the day before, but on this day it started off slow,” said Kennedy. “However, the bite started picking up as the day went. My boat ended the day with 9 fish, 2 of which we released due to their small size. Our biggest fish of the day was 18 3/4 “.

 “Overall it was a great day. The fish we kept were all nice healthy rainbows, with red and firm meat.  Every one of our fish was caught on a red dot frog Needlefish from 6’ deep to 25’ deep. We landed fish on both sides of the island, along the west side of the lake by Camp 5 and just North of the Island. The water temperature was 57 degrees in the morning.”

“We landed over 20 trout today with a few dinks in the mix, but the overall quality of the fish was awesome,” reported Brad Bugica of SalmonStriper Fishing after his latest trolling adventure on Lake Davis. “We landed 2 fish measuring 19 inches and 6 over 18 inches. Dave caught an 18.5 incher and Ron Mancuso  bagged a 19 incher.”



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