The Fish Sniffer - Trollers Deal With Wind For Limits
Trollers Deal With Wind For Limits

Written By: Cal Kellogg, June 29, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Eagle Lake,

The conditions have fluctuated from outstanding to downright ferocious at Eagle Lake depending on the wind. Some days it’s calm, but other days have featured winds to 30 miles per hour. When the wind allows navigations the fishing has been very good.

“I fished Eagle several times last week and we did really well. Basically we could limit out a pair of anglers in about an hour with no problem,” reported Cliff Spediacci of Hook & Ladder Guide Service. “We’d been getting all of our fish on either Artic Fox Tui Chub pattern flies or Sep’s watermelon colored grubs. The stretch from Wildcat Point to Shrimp Island has been hot for me. The fish are holding 5 feet deep. I’d say the average fish is going 2 pounds right now and we haven’t seen much larger. The trout are fat, clean and put up an outstanding fight.”

According to the folks at the Eagle Lake RV Park, the trout fishing has actually been at it’s best when the wind is blowing. One rainbow pushing the 5 pound mark was brought back to the park this week. One guest at staying at the park reported hooking 8 fish to 19.5 inches while trolling a red fly during a stiff breeze. The next morning when the conditions were calm the bite was slower and the action on the fly had died. It took a fast trolled Ex-Cel Spoons to prompt the trout to strike.

Boat launching is no problem at Eagle Lake and the prospects for trouble free launching throughout the season look good. Fish Sniffer Publisher Paul Kneeland recently visited the lake with his big yellow Boulton and had zero problems launching and recovering the boat.


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