The Fish Sniffer - Trout Abound At Bridgeport, Virginia Lakes
Trout Abound At Bridgeport, Virginia Lakes

Written By: Cal Kellogg, July 20, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Bridgeport Reservoir, Silver Lake, June Lake, Owens River Gorge,

Anglers that make the trip to the Eastern Sierras are hooking big numbers of trout. Depending on the destination, the fishing is ranging from good to excellent. Most popular spots are booting out limits and near limits of trout.

(Bridgeport) “Bridgeport Reservoir is still fishing excellent for trollers, still fishing is productive and the perch are still on the bite,” disclosed Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods. “Bait anglers are fishing in the Rainbow Point area, as well as the points to the north of Rainbow. There's also been some folks doing well out in the flats between Rainbow and the East shore of the lake. Trollers are doing the best in the narrows near where the public marina is.”

“Anglers searching for perch are finding them near the dam and on some of the rocky points to the south of the dam. Bait and lures to try include: Mice Tails, PowerBait, crawlers, Needlefish, Rapalas and blades/crawlers,” tipped Reid.

“We've had some poor reports from Kirman in the later half of this week, it sounds like there's a pretty significant algae bloom and it's shutting down the bite pretty good. Earlier in the week the fishing was good but the last few days it's been pretty tough,” said Reid.

“The Virginias are still fishing excellent, lots of nice fish being caught up there on all three lakes. Bait anglers are using baby crawlers, PowerBait and Power Eggs, lure fishermen are going with Kastmasters and Thomas Buoyants. Fly anglers are doing well with matukas, seal buggers, soft hackles, wooly buggers, beetles and mosquitos,” continued Reid.

(Bishop) The upper Owens and the Owens River Gorge are both offering outstanding dry fly action in the afternoon and evening hours. 10 to 20 fish per day averaging 8 to 12 inches are the norm.

With a flow of 200 cfs the Lower Owens was fishing very well as of press time. Throughout the day size 16 to 20 nymphs score well. Later in the day there has been some good caddis action on the surface.

(June Lake Loop) Limits are the rule at June Lake for anglers soaking traditional trout baits. Most trout are pansize, but fish over 4 pounds are possible.

Silver Lake is producing trout to 3 pounds on trolled Rapalas and inflated night crawlers.  





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