The Fish Sniffer - Trout And Bass Bite, Crowds Light
Trout And Bass Bite, Crowds Light

Written By: Danny Lloyd, March 23, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Shasta Lake,

At Lake Shasta late winter fishing for both trout and bass is going well. Despite this fishing pressure remains light. If you'd like to experience the majestic beauty of Shasta in solitude while catching a few fish, this is a great time to make that trip to the lake.

Shasta's trout remains scattered throughout the lake. Anglers are hooking rainbows in the main body, but trout are being reported up in the arms as well. The water is somewhat stained after recent rainfall. As a result anglers are sticking with typical baitfish imitation lures like Cripplures, Hum Dingers, Rapalas, and Needlefish, but they are using very bright colors. Firetiger and Orange patterns are producing the best results in recent days.

Bass anglers are finding the best action while working prominent points in the main body and throughout the lower arms. The average bass is a 14 inch spot, but larger spots to 6 pounds have been caught recently. Also some big largemouths have been caught in the mix too.

Anglers seeking numbers of bass are working soft plastics and grubs from 15 to 35 feet deep. For bigger fish anglers are exploring water from the bank to 20 feet deep with soft plastics or swimbaits. Swimbaits will only yield a handful of strikes per day, but typically the bass you hook will be larger.

At press time the lake was holding 42 percent of capacity and 951.79 feet above sea level. 


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