The Fish Sniffer - Trout and Bass Turn On Despite Drought
Trout and Bass Turn On Despite Drought

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 9, 2014
Species: Bass Trout Landlocked Salmon
Location: Folsom Lake,

The dramatic drop and lack of water at Folsom lake has kept many fishermen off the lake in the past few weeks. Those willing to launch their boat with 4 wheel drive are being rewarded with great trout and salmon fishing.

This past week James Netzel of Fishin' James Guide Service gave me a call mid afternoon stating Fox 40 News wanted to do a story on the drought for fishermen and wanted to see if I would accompany him and do a little fishing while on the water.

With short notice I had to rush down to Granite Bay launch to meet him at 12:30 pm. After a long line at the entrance gate, I was on my way to find him and the only launch available at Granite Bay. After a few wrong turns we were on our way to attempt to launch his 22 foot Boulton. On our first attempt the boat was floating and we were off to fish.

"Although we didn't manage any fish in the heat of the day, I decided to come back a few days later and fish it hard in the mooring with the cooler air temperatures," stated Netzel. He was rewarded with 6 very nice rainbows and 1 17" landlocked king salmon. The best lures were Speedy Shiners in the silver shad patterns and white hoochies as well as wiggle hoochies behind a dodger.

He was also able to pick up a few fish with f-7 Rapalas on the top of the water. All fish were caught in the first 10 feet of water 150-250 feet behind the boat.

Black bass can still be caught during these cold winter months, but your best bet is slow down your presentation and fish a little deeper. Live minnows can be the best choice for some nice fish.

While at the Granite Bay launch I saw a few ladies fishing some rocky points with crankbaits and had some nice pictures of bass to 4 pounds. They had caught 3 that morning all around the 2-3pound range.

The lake is only holding 17 percent of its capacity and only 358.12 feet above sea level. This is only 33 percent of average for the lake.

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