The Fish Sniffer - Trout And Catfish On Summer Fling
Trout And Catfish On Summer Fling

Written By: Dan Bacher, August 3, 2014
Species: Trout Catfish
Location: Davis Lake, Frenchman Lake,

(Chilcoot) You have a chance to battle both tasty rainbow trout and catfish at Frenchman Reservoir, now we have entered the “summer doldrums.”

The trout are going deeper,” said Richard Wiggin at Wiggin’s Trading Post. “Bank anglers are using inflated nightcrawlers and Power Bait in chartreuse and spring green. The top spots are the dam and Spring Creek.” 

Mark and Dave of Reno caught 7 beautiful rainbow trout while fishing off the boat ramp at Sheep Creek.

The catfish action also is on the upswing. For example, Steve Sexton from Loyalton landed five catfish on Power Bait and worms during a recent bank fishing adventure at an undisclosed location. The fish averaged 17 inches long and 3 pounds in weight.

 Trout fishing has been "unusual," to say the least, for this time of year at Lake Davis, said Jeanne Graham at the J&J Grizzly Store and Camping Resort in Portola.

“The bank fishermen were catching their limit using night crawlers and Garlic scented Rainbow PowerBait at Mallard Cove early morning,” said Graham. “The fishermen that attempted trolling this weekend had a mixed review. Some did real well and some got skunked.  I guess that is why it is called fishing and why it is not called catching.”  

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We caught 3 Rainbow trout this weekend, about 16 inches, and 4 catfish or bullhead.. whatever they are. I wanted submit a report and pictures, just cannot figure out how.

By: bjaquez on Aug 03, 2014

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