The Fish Sniffer - Trout and King bite is Red Hot again at Folsom
Trout and King bite is Red Hot again at Folsom

Written By: Fishin’ James Guide Service, May 8, 2014
Species: Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Folsom Lake,

Trout and King bite is Red Hot again at Folsom
Trout and King bite is Red Hot again at Folsom

I don't understand why fishermen will drive an hour or so for a shot at some quality trout and kings when there has been a great bite going on right in our backyard in Sacramento.  Quality kings and quality rainbows are not that difficult to catch right now.  I took a single client out for a half day trip to Folsom Lake.  Launched at Granite Bay and were fishing by 6am.  It was super, super windy but when trolled at faster speeds, wind is not a problem.  Just makes for a rough ride.  We fished 10-40' on the downriggers for 2 kings and 5 trout in just 4 hrs.  Check out the pictures.  Quality fish!!!!

Go to lure for trout was a brown trout needle fish down 10' and back 100'

Go to lure for kings were copper speedy shiners down 20-40' and back 50'

Trolled between 2-3mph

Big fish of the day was a 20" king.  We though it was a stick.  Just dead weight for about a minute.  As I was turning the boat to go back and get it, we got a couple head shakes.  Then the fight was on!!

******remember to set your shallow water alarm because the bottom will come up fast****************

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what size speedey shiner,an what size needle fish, and how fast were you trolling

By: scratch1 on May 15, 2014

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