The Fish Sniffer - Trout Anglers Struggle For Fish
Trout Anglers Struggle For Fish

Written By: Danny Lloyd, January 25, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Rollins Reservoir, Scotts Flat Reservoir,

Last week the bite at Rollins went from good to very slow. On a recent trip to Colfax, I decided to stop by the lake and talk to some anglers with dismal reports. After moving around the lake from Orchard Springs to free loaders cove, I only saw 1 fish caught.

Fishermen were using a variety of baits from soaking PowerBait to casting lures and working the points. Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista fished Rollins on January 8.

"I got Wednesday off, so I went fishing at Rollins and boy, was it slow" reported Pleece. "I trolled a night crawler behind a dodger as well as an Uncle Larry's Spinner. I got 1 hit and lost the fish within a few minutes. I wasn't expecting it to be this slow especially with it being pretty good last week.”

With not many reports coming from Scotts Flat Reservoir, your best bet is soaking PowerBait or floating a nightcrawler off the bottom with a sliding sinker rig.

Water levels have steadied at both lakes, but we are still in desperate need of rain and weather.

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