The Fish Sniffer - Trout Bite Very Productive With Mild Weather
Trout Bite Very Productive With Mild Weather

Written By: Cal Kellogg, January 22, 2014
Species: Trout Steelhead
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

While the Sacramento River is running low and clear, daytime temperatures in the Redding area have been inching up towards the 70 degree mark and as a result the trout are feeding and the fishing is pretty darn good.

“The trout and steelhead fishing has been pretty good in the Sacramento,” related Mike Bogue of Mike Bogue’s Guide Service. “The river is low and clear, but with the warm weather we’ve had the fishing has been good. We are getting from 12 to 20 fish per day. Our largest fish recently went 4.5 pounds.”

“We’ve been getting our hits on a combination of glow bugs and orange Pautzke cured roe. I’ve been fishing the stretch from Bonnyview to Balls Ferry,” added Bogue.

Jason Thatcher of JT Guide Service has been enjoying good results while working the river with fly tackle for a combination of trout and steelhead. Thatcher has been utilizing some egg imitations, but most of his fish are coming on nymph imitations. Thatcher is using long leaders adorned with multiple flies teamed with strike indicators.


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