The Fish Sniffer - Trout Fishing Comes On Strong
Trout Fishing Comes On Strong

Written By: Cal Kellogg, May 16, 2014
Species: Trout Landlocked Salmon Kokanee Lingcod Rockfish
Location: Umpqua River, Rogue River, Coquille River, Coos Bay, Chetco River,

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, several lakes in Coos County have been recently stocked, including Empire and Tenmile lakes that were stocked last week. Cool, wet conditions this week could really improve spring Chinook fishing in south state rivers. Ocean fishing has been steady when conditions cooperate.

Applegate Reservoir has been stocked this week with 12,000 legal-sized rainbow trout. Fishing should be good for these stocked trout as well as for larger trout from last year’s stocking. Applegate Reservoir is 83 percent full. All the boat ramps and the campground at Hart-Tish Park are scheduled to be open for the weekend.

Lemolo Reservoir opened for fishing April 1. The daily trout limit is 5 per day. Brown trout can be retained as part of the daily trout limit from April 27 to October 31. In addition to brown trout, Lemolo has rainbow trout and kokanee.

The Poole Creek boat ramp should be accessible unless additional snow falls. Lemolo was recently stocked with 2,000 rainbow trout and will receive more trout in early May.

Willow Lake has been stocked with legal-sized rainbow trout. Trolling or casting spoons or spinners has been productive, as has still fishing with worms or PowerBait. The boat ramp and campground are open, and the lake is currently 99 percent full.

Fishing for warmwater gamefish has been good at Agate Lake. Largemouth bass, crappie, and other warm water species can be found around structure along the shore. Anglers will do best by fishing bait or working lures slowly. Fishing likely will be best on the warmer afternoons. Agate Lake is 100 percent full.

Ben Irving Reservoir was stocked with about 3,500 trout during March and another 500 trout were stocked in April. A few may be just shy of legal size for harvest. Warm water fishing for bass and crappie will be best around the edges where there is some structure. Jigging with crappie tubes in the electric motor section has been successful recently.

Cooper Creek has been stocked with about 7,000 trout so far this spring, and will be stocked with about 1,000 more fish in the next couple weeks. A few of the fish may be just shy being legal size for harvest. Trout fishing with PowerBait has been successful.

Some of the trout do have copepods, which are tiny parasites on their bodies and gills. These are not harmful to humans, but the lesions can be removed and the meat should be thoroughly cooked.

Largemouth bass are moving into the shallows for spawning and a nice-sized bass was caught recently at Cooper Creek.

Trophy trout are scheduled to be stocked this week in Bradley Lake, Powers Pond, and Empire Lakes. Anglers have been catching trout by fishing PowerBait near the bottom or by casting spoons/spinners. Fly anglers have been catching trout casting and retrieving small streamer or nymph patterns.

Fish Lake offers fishing for stocked rainbow trout, spring Chinook salmon, tiger trout, and naturally produced brook trout. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will stock 5,000 legal-sized rainbow trout this week. Tiger trout must be released unharmed.

The Fish Lake Resort restaurant, boat launch, and campground are open, and the resort has cabins for rent. The Forest Service boat ramp is open; however, a snow park permit is required to park in the Forest Service parking lot through April 30. The Forest Service campground will not open until mid May. Fish Lake is 62 percent full.

At Garrison Lake, when the weather has agreed, boat anglers have been catching quite few trout. Boat anglers will want to keep an eye on the weather and fish the lake when there is no wind. Access for bank anglers is best at the 12th Street boat ramp, Arizona Street, or along the foredune accessed through Tseriadun State Park. Garrison Lake is located in the middle of Port Orford.

On the saltwater scene, fishing for bottom fish including rockfish, and lingcod is now closed outside of the 30-fathom curve until the end of September. Fishing for bottom fish has been good when the ocean has been calm enough to get out. Late winter/early spring is a great time to catch big lingcod in fairly shallow water.

Anglers are starting to pick up a few surfperch. Fishing is usually best on the incoming tide. Anglers have good success using sand shrimp or sand worms for catching surfperch.


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