The Fish Sniffer - Trout Fishing Is Hit and Miss
Trout Fishing Is Hit and Miss

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 16, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

Bank fisherman and trollers should notice an improvement in fishing from the recent rainfall.

"The action was great one day and slow the next," reported Craig Andri on a recent two day trip at Lake Berryessa. "We fished the two days before the storm and hit em hard the first day, but struggled the second. We had our luck top lining jointed Rapalas in the hot steel' pattern, managing 7 trout to 17 inches. The following day we only got a single strike and were not able to land the fish."

Fishing during these colder winter months can slow down, but many fishermen have luck using minnows and night crawlers under bobbers, while other fisherman are free-lining the minnows and letting them do the work. Many larger fish are caught during this time in the coves using these techniques.

Expect fishing for crappie and spotted, largemouth and smallmouth bass to improve as the water temperature warms up and fish move into the pre-spawn mode. Recent reports stated bass are hitting the best now on small plastics on drop shot rigs in 20-50 feet of water.

The water level has remained at 413.44 feet or 25.16 feet below the Glory Hole Spillway. The lake level should rise with recent rainfall.

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