The Fish Sniffer - Trout Season Ends - Perch Begin to Show
Trout Season Ends - Perch Begin to Show

Written By: Mike McNeilly, July 11, 2014
Species: Trout Panfish
Location: Pyramid Lake,

As of this writing, the trout season is entering its final days at Pyramid Lake, but the big news is that Sacramento Perch are beginning to show in the catches.  Anglers are reporting catching perch on the east side of the lake in the Hell’s Kitchen area.  

Perch from 1-2.5lbs have been reported to be feeding on 1/8th to 1/4oz crappie jigs in white and chartreuse.  Another good bet is a 2-3” curly tail grub on the same size jighead.  Sacramento Perch usually hold in deeper water than most panfish fishermen are used to fishing.  Focus your search on depths from 20-45ft deep.  They can occasionally be caught shallower or deeper in Pyramid Lake, but this seems to be the typical depth range the fish concentrate in to spawn.

The king, Jeff Morris, (this writer’s opinion) reported good trout fishing on a recent trolling outing.  Jeff had plans to fish for salmon on the New Easy Rider, but high winds had the boat concentrating on non salmon fishing trips inside the bay.  

Jeff was once again forced back to the fishery that just keeps pounding ahead, Pyramid Lake. Jeff disclosed that he found a bunch of cutthroat hanging in the area around Spider Point.  Once he found the group of fish, he caught several of them while bouncing the bottom with a U20 Flatfish.  No trophy trout were landed, but considering that the smallest fish was around two pounds, and the biggest two were around 5lbs each, that isn’t a bad day of fishing.  

Keep in mind that all trout must be immediately released after June 30th.  It is still legal to target Sacramento Perch after trout season closes.  However, boats with downriggers attached will be the object of scrutiny for any tribal game wardens.  

While you will definitely have some trout by-catch targeting perch, it isn’t acceptable to deliberately fish for trout trolling in deep water with downriggers during the closed season.  The closure was developed to help protect trout from being caught during the summer months when they are much more susceptible to mortality from angling.   


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