The Fish Sniffer - Upper River Closes To Fishing Thru April 30
Upper River Closes To Fishing Thru April 30

Written By: Dan Bacher, March 5, 2014
Species: Trout Steelhead River Salmon
Location: American River - Lower,

The American River from Nimbus Dam to the SMUD power line crossing at the southwest boundary of Ancil Hoffman Park is now closed to all fishing until April 30 to protect steelhead and salmon populations impacted by the record drought.

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has approved emergency regulations adopted by the California Fish and Game Commission on Feb. 5 to close some waters to angling in response to severe drought conditions throughout the state. The Department of Fish and Wildlife announced the closure, along with the closure of other rivers, in a press release on February 21.

Nimbus Fish Hatchery staff is expected to do their last spawn of steelhead this winter as this publication was going to press. The number of fish trapped by the hatchery this season is well below the numbers recorded last year, obviously a result of the low water conditions.

"We trapped 521 adult steelhead and 19 half pounders this season to date," said Paula Hoover at the hatchery. "That compares to 3,371 adults and 38 half pounders by the same date last year."

"We have plenty of green eggs from different stages of the run, so we should have no problem meeting our goal of releasing 430,000 steelhead yearlings next year," she noted. 


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