The Fish Sniffer - Upper River Fair, Lower River Slow
Upper River Fair, Lower River Slow

Written By: Cal Kellogg, December 21, 2013
Species: Steelhead River Salmon
Location: Rogue River,

Slow to fair fishing at best is the word from the Rogue. The fall salmon run is largely over and the winter steelhead run has yet to get going in a meaningful way. As a result, Rogue River anglers are currently in a holding pattern, particularly those that like to ply the lower river.

Steelhead fishing is fair in the upper river. There have also been good reports from anglers targeting coho salmon, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The best time to fish this time of year is midday. Anglers have been picking up fish on bait where allowed, lures and flies. The release from Lost Creek Reservoir was 1159 cfs with a temperature of 44 degrees, while the flow at Gold Ray was 1610 cfs with a peak water temperature of 45 degrees on Dec. 2. A total of 1,600 summer steelhead, had entered Cole Rivers Hatchery as of Nov 26.

On the middle Rogue, anglers can have success casting flies, drifting nightcrawlers, or casting spinners like a Panther Martin with a black body and gold blade, although there have been few reports from successful anglers.

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