The Fish Sniffer - Warm Weather Brings Hot Rainbow And King Bite
Warm Weather Brings Hot Rainbow And King Bite

Written By: Danny Lloyd, June 12, 2014
Species: Landlocked Salmon Trout Bass Kokanee
Location: Shasta Lake, Whiskeytown Reservoir,

Fishing on Lake Shasta has been producing quality trout and landlocked king salmon over the past weeks due to temperature rising and weather stabling. 

 “Limits of trout are easy to come by for anyone willing to work for them,” relayed Ben Scott of Roseville. “Last week my dad and I fished Shasta and caught some very nice fish. Most of our king salmon came on Excel spoons and blue or purple wiggle hoochies. All of our trout hit in the top 35 feet of water and every king bit from 50 to 90 feet deep.”

The salmon bite is very consistent at Shasta with fish spread from 20 feet to over 100 feet. The main body and coves near the dam have been booting out kings to 5 pounds. Rigged shad are the most productive baits, but rigged anchovies, plug cut anchovies, Apex Lures and hoochies are drawing strikes too.

Bass anglers are enjoying very good action at Shasta, but most of the bass weigh less than 2 pounds. Soft plastics work all day, while rip baits take fish early and late. The best fishing is in the Pit River Arm, but almost all structure in the lake from the surface to 30 feet deep holds spotted bass.

As of press time the lake level elevation is 969.06 feet and just 97.94 feet below full pool. The lake is holding 49 percent of capacity

“Kokanee fishing at Whiskeytown has been very good with variety of lures proving successful,” said Mike Elster of Mike’s Guide Service. “The fish we are catching are very clean and plump. The fishing at Whiskeytown is only going to get better in the coming weeks,.”

If you’d like to boat a bunch of Whiskeytown kokanee or Shasta kings or both, give Mike Elster a call @ 916-215-6330.




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