The Fish Sniffer - Warm Weather Means Better Fishing
Warm Weather Means Better Fishing

Written By: Danny Lloyd, May 13, 2014
Species: Trout Kokanee
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

Trout and kokanee fishermen are happy to see the fishing on Berryessa improving every week with some very nice limits of fish taken this past week. Bass fishermen have been experiencing some great action on pre-spawn and spawning bass throughout the lake.

 James Netzel of Fishin' James Guide Service fished Berryessa this past week for kokanee. "I struggled to find a real pattern on the kokes when the week before we caught them from 5 to 20 feet down and today it was all below 25. We had our setbacks 100 feet behind the boat before sending them down on the down riggers. The hot color for everything has been pink, but today I didn't notice anything specific.”

He landed 3 kokanee to 15  inches. Water temperatures were anywhere from 56.5 degrees to 58 degrees, he explained.

Bass action on the lake was good this past week for John Avery of Brentwood. "Fishing seemed to steady this past week with the algae bloom effect non existent and weather temperatures somewhat warmer," stated Avery. "Fish were holding very shallow anywhere from 1 foot, tucked up close to the shore, down to 10 feet deep. We fished everything from drop shot rigs to Alabama rigs. We landed about 15 bass throughout the day.”

The water level has remained at 415.12 feet or 24.88 feet below the Glory Hole Spillway. 



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