The Fish Sniffer - Warming and Clearing Waters Change Angling Tactics
Warming and Clearing Waters Change Angling Tactics

Written By: David Hurley, February 7, 2014
Species: Stripers Sturgeon Bass
Location: San Joaquin Delta, Sacramento River- Delta,

January water conditions that are far warmer and clearer than normal have resulted in the need to transition tactics to more of a springtime bite.

Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, reported the waters of the San Joaquin are ‘crystal clear;’ and with the recent warming trend, the largemouth bass are becoming more and more active in mid-January as opposed to the end of February during a normal year.

He said, “The bite is changing quickly, and the ima Rock’N Vibe, a rattling bait, and the 10-inch Berkley Power Worm are starting to work for better than average fish due to the warming water conditions.”

Lee O’Brien at Gotcha Bait in Antioch reported striped bass are still hanging around the mouth of the San Joaquin, and they will continue to hold in the area as long as the rains hold out. Sturgeon fishing in this section of the river has been slow, but it is improving as the water temperatures continue to climb slowly.

Chris Lauritzen of Lauritzen’s Yacht Harbor in Oakley reported, “Paul Wong and Tony Demaso of Antioch targeted stripers on the San Joaquin River near Broad Slough recently, and they landed a total of 6 linesides to 10 pounds with one of the male already loaded with milt.”

He continued, “With the water temperatures pushing almost 50 degrees, it won’t be long before we have a spring striper run. One boater reported landing a catfish, another sign that the water is warming up.”

Captain Stan Koenigsberger of Quetzal Adventures out of Bethel Harbor fished on the anchor with frozen shad on the San Joaquin side at False River on the incoming tide for three striped bass to 9.5 pounds.

In the Stockton area, striped bass fishing remains slow, and most bank fishermen are targeting red eared perch with jumbo red worms or mini crawlers around Paradise Point and King Island off of Eight Mile Road or in Whiskey Slough.


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