The Fish Sniffer - Weather Derails Many Trout Anglers
Weather Derails Many Trout Anglers

Written By: Danny Lloyd, January 4, 2014
Species: Trout Mackinaw
Location: Lake Tahoe,

Recently, cold weather and snow have pushed through the high Sierras causing many anglers to stay off the water. Those who have gone out have been rewarded with some quality rainbows, browns and mackinaws.

Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Charters caught some very nice mackinaw on a recent trip with Steve Foley and his son. With a recent storm, many fishermen have been off the water and many boat ramps have been unusable to most due to snow.

They started the day launching at Cave Rock boat launch. Temperatures dropped to around -14 degrees plus snow on the ground made it a trip for the die hards. They trolled with 10 lb. test and top lined 4-6 inch stick baits covered in Trophy Trout Pro-Cure Gel. They fished the north shore followed by the west shore in 15 to 25 feet of water at 3 to 5 mph 200 feet behind the boat.

They found very good trout action. "We lost several and netted some very nice German brown and rainbow trout to 7 pounds," reported Denis.

Winter months on Lake Tahoe are known by locals to be some the best fishing around. With much of the focus on snow sports, you will usually be one of few targeting the large trout found in this lake. Start trolling shallow in early hours and work deeper throughout the day. Stick baits early and minnow/flasher combos down deep will produce beautiful fish.

Mickey Daniels of Mickey's Big Mack Charters reported that limits of mackinaw have been pretty easy to come by when the weather cooperates. They continue fishing with minnows trolled behind flashers.

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