The Fish Sniffer - Wind Hinders Sturgeon And Striper Anglers
Wind Hinders Sturgeon And Striper Anglers

Written By: Cal Kellogg, June 29, 2014
Species: Stripers Sturgeon
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

Wind, wind and more wind has been the story in the West Delta over the past couple weeks. There are sturgeon on the chew and a few stripers remain in the system, but with all the wind it has been tough targeting either species recently.

“We managed a keeper sturgeon on our last trip along with several shakers, but overall it’s just been darn tough to get on the water due to the wind,” related Captain David Hammond of Delta Pro Fishing. “When the wind backs off enough to fish the sturgeon bite has been pretty good. The fish are starting to stack up in the deep water off Pittsburg. The best bait has been grass shrimp.”

Further up river near the Power Lines and the lower end of Decker Island, there has been on again off again striper action on tap for bait anglers. Once again the biggest challenge has been getting set up in the windy conditions. If you can get your anchor to stick along the edge of the channel, schoolie size bass are munching on shad, sardines and bloodworms.

For catfish enthusiasts the channels up river of Rio Vista are a good area to seek out post spawn cats. Look for the whiskerfish to be holding in 8 to 15 feet of water in areas that feature clam beds. Mackerel, clams, sardines and anchovies will all draw strikes.


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