The Fish Sniffer - Wind Takes Toll On Bass Fishing
Wind Takes Toll On Bass Fishing

Written By: Dan Bacher, April 30, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

The wind has slowed down the largemouth bass fishing at Clear Lake lately. Expect the bite to rebound with calmer weather.

“I took 3 guys out this last Thursday, hoping to get a good afternoon bite - but the wind killed us again,” said Larry Hemphill, fishing guide. “We started at 10 am - hoping for the water to warm. It did not - stayed at 57 degrees all day with another day of south wind.”

“One of the fellows landed a 3-1/2 lber, and a few other bites were missed in the wind,” he noted. “I finally started fishing a bit with a Senko and soon nailed a 6 pounder and later a bare keeper.”

“Finally, the guy next to me set on a good one that almost cleared the water. She went 5.05 lbs. He was very excited and so was I - saved the day! He was using Berkley Havoc bait. It was a very slow bite - but I am sure they had bites they didn't feel them,” explained Hemphill.

They fished mostly on the west side of the Clearlake arm. The wind was no calmer on the east side.

“I was embarrassed for our sport when a bass boat cut in front of me and the only other boat within miles, coming off plane,” said Hemphill. “He talked to the other guy but didn't even look our way! I guess this could be common tournament behavior, or we weren't worthy of his respect. However, my clients weren't impressed at all.”

The water was 54-58 degrees and the water clarity was stained, with a 2 to 4 foot visibility.



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