The Fish Sniffer - Windy Conditions Make Trolling Tough
Windy Conditions Make Trolling Tough

Written By: Danny Lloyd, May 25, 2014
Species: Trout Kokanee
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

Trout and kokanee fisherman have been battling rough and windy conditions, making trolling for kokes tough.

Quality fish have been found from the Ranch House and Big Island area. Ben Reynal of Loomis fished Berryessa this past week trolling for trout and kokanee in the morning followed by bass.

"I started fishing around the Ranch House trolling one rod with a pink spinner hoochie and another with a pink/purple Dick Nite spoon,” reported Reynal. "Water temperatures were anywhere from 56.5 degrees to 60 degrees. We ended the day with 3 kokanee to 16 inches and a nice 3.5 pound king caught near the marina.”

“Bass fishing seemed to be very good this past week with the warmer weather and high temperatures" stated Reynal. "Fish were holding very shallow, tucked up on the shore all the way out to 15 to 20 feet deep. We tried everything from drop shotting to throwing an Alabama rig. I landed 6 bass throughout the day to about 3 pounds.”

The water level has remained at 414.29 feet or 25.71 feet below the Glory Hole Spillway.


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