The Fish Sniffer - Windy Weather Stalls Salmon, But Rockfish Save The Day
Windy Weather Stalls Salmon, But Rockfish Save The Day

Written By: Cal Kellogg, June 25, 2014
Species: Lingcod Rockfish Saltwater Salmon
Location: Bodega Bay,

The fishing reports coming out of Bodega Bay are outstanding considering the conditions, but it’s not the report most anglers want to hear. Rockfish and lingcod are providing limit style fishing along the Sonoma Coast. The problem is that most anglers want to  chase salmon, not bottomfish.

Over the past weekend there was zero salmon action reported by Bodega anglers that faced 15 knot winds early that ramped up to 20 plus knots by mid-morning.

With these conditions few private boats hit the water. Charter boats that did venture out were happy to stay coastal and target rockfish and lingcod. Rockfish limits were the rule for these boats with plenty of bonus lings in the mix.

Most of the rockfish have been blacks and olives. White squid tipped shrimp flies are working great. Shrimp flies tipped with Gulp! are producing very well to.

Metal jigs are doing a fair job of tempting lingcod. For a great shot at a limit anglers are advised to mooch frozen sardines 4 to 6 feet off the bottom.

If you’re itching to explore Bodega waters for salmon and more, Captain Tim Wong of Norcal Sportfishing Adventures is the man to call. Tim specializes in targeting kings, lings, rockfish, halibut, albacore and crabs from his six pack vessel The Working Girl. Tim can be reached at (707) 228-8322 or visit him on line at



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